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Quartz Special Heater

Quartz Special Heater have following specifications:

Length 300 - 3,000 mm; Outer diameter: Φ10-50 mm; Power: 0. 3-6 KW. Our company can also process, design, produce goods according to each technical parameter of user's special request

Surface temperature of heater divides into three grades: Low temperature: 400 - 600 mid temperature: 600 - 800 high temperature: 800 -1000

Relative radiation characteristic: This quartz heater component has strong transmission at far infrared, compared with other kinds far infrared products, when the wavelength >6Lj, radiation energy is particularly remarkable

The spectrum emissivities: The quartz heater the component have no coating, and milky white quartz tube playing a radiation role promptly, also supporting and insulate role.


Specification :

Cat No.


Sock ET



11.8 mm